Different Types Of Computers

Servers And What They Are For

Server usually refers to a computer that is dedicated to providing one or more services. For example, a computer dedicated to a database may be called a "database server". "File servers" manage a large collection of computer files. "Web servers" process web pages and web applications. Many smaller servers are actually personal computers that have been dedicated to provide services for other computers. A server is expected to be reliable (e.g. error-correction of RAM; redundant cooling; self-monitoring, RAID), fit for running for several years, and giving useful diagnosis in case of an error. For even increased security, the server may be mirrored


  • Supercomputers cost around 100 million because they are used for movies, special effects and editing
  • Mainframe computers cost around 100,000 because they are used for large businesses
  • Mini computers cost less then 100,000 because they are used for schools and small office companies
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